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  • 100% Natural Condiments Organic Cinnamon Powder

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    100% Natural Condiments Organic Cinnamon Powder

    Cinnamon is a spice obtained from the inner bark of several tree species from the genus Cinnamomum. Cinnamon is used in both sweet and savory foods. The term "cinnamon" also refers to its mid-brown color.Read More

  • Best Price Acai Berry Extract

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    Best Price Acai Berry Extract

    The Acai berry is a very powerful antioxidant, known as the world's most beneficial superfood, has recently been taking the world by storm with its amazing health benefitsRead More

  • Organic Pumpkin Seed P.E

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    Organic Pumpkin Seed P.E

    Pumpkin is a kind of health care vegetable, which contains rich nourishments and has considerably nutritional and medicinal value.Read More

  • Rhodiola Rosea Root Extract

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    Rhodiola Rosea Root Extract

    Rhodiola Rosea Root is in many ways more powerful than Ginseng. It is a superb herb for people who work very hard, either physically or mentally. Rhodiola has been shown to improve endurance and mental capacity, including memory enhancement.Read More

  • Fructus Momordicae Fruit Powder

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    Fructus Momordicae Fruit Powder

    Fructus momordicae is an incredibly exciting and totally unique new sweetener that provides benefits no other sweeteners can! Unlike sugar, Stevia, Equal, Sweet ON Low and other ordinary sweeteners,It does not stimulate fat storage, elevate insulin levels or raise cholesterol.Read More

  • Top Quality Rutin Powder

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    Top Quality Rutin Powder

    Rutin is a plant pigment (flavonoid) that is found in certain fruits and vegetables. Rutin is used to make medicine. The major sources of rutin for medical use include buckwheat, Japanese pagoda tree, and Eucalyptus macrorhyncha.Read More

  • Natural Organic Lutein Extract Powder

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    Natural Organic Lutein Extract Powder

    Lutein is one of the most common Carotenoids widely presented in plants especially dark-green leafy vegetables.Read More

  • Organic Chlorella Vulgaris Powder

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    Organic Chlorella Vulgaris Powder

    The chlorella vulgaris powder contains a large amount of protein, a complete range of amino acids and a ratio close to the standard model. It can fully meet the growth needs of humans and animals. It is an excellent single-cellprotein source and can be used as a nutritional...Read More

  • Pure & Natural Astaxanthin Powder

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    Pure & Natural Astaxanthin Powder

    Astaxanthin, a naturally occurring carotenoid pigment, is a powerful biological antioxidant. Astaxanthin exhibits strong free radical scavenging activity and protects against lipid peroxidation and oxidative damage of LDL-cholesterol, cell membranes, cells, and tissues.Read More

  • Pure Natural Pineapple Juice Powder

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    Pure Natural Pineapple Juice Powder

    Pineapple juice powder has many functions. It is very important to promote intestinal digestion. One of the reasons for the poor digestion and absorption is related to the insufficient amount of dietary fiber in the diet. Pineapple contains a lot of dietary fiber to reach the...Read More

  • Natural Raspberry Powder

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    Natural Raspberry Powder

    The fruit of raspberry is a kind of polymeric fruit, which is red and black. It is used as fruit in Europe and America. Raspberry can be used as medicine. It has many kinds of medicine value, and its fruit has the function of tonifying kidney and strengthening yang. Raspberry...Read More

  • Maca P.E

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    Maca P.E

    Lepidium meyenii (maca) is an herbaceous biennial plant of the crucifer family native to the high Andes of Peru. It was found at the Meseta of BomBom close to Junin Lake in the Andes.Read More

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