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Organic Rice Protein Powder

Organic Rice Protein Powder

Product Name:Organic Rice Protein Powder
GMO Status:Non-GMO
Sterilization Method:Heat||NON-IRR/ETO
Appearance:Yellow Powder



Product Details

【Product Name】Organic rice protein powder

【Active Ingredients】 Protein

【Appearance】 Yellow Powder

Description Of Organic Rice Protein Powder

Organic rice protein is a vegetarian protein isolate. It is an alternative to the more common whey and soy protein isolates. Brown rice can be treated with enzymes that will cause carbohydrates to separate from proteins. The resulting protein powder is then sometimes flavored or added to smoothies or health shakes. Organic rice protein has a more distinct taste than most other forms of protein powder. The taste of organic rice protein is usually considered to be less unpleasant than the bitter taste of whey hydrolysate. This unique rice protein flavor may even be preferred to artificial flavorings by consumers of rice protein. Rice protein is commonly mixed with pea protein powder.

Function Of Organic Rice Protein Powder

Inhibiting platelet aggregation, increase 3h-5ht releasing from platelet.

Anti-oxidation, clear free radical, protective cell, accommodate body immune function.

Anti-bacteria,anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, anti-mutation,anti-ultraviolet radiation.

Inhibit thrombosis, lower blood viscosity, increase brain microcirculation.

Application Of Organic Rice Protein Powder

1. Rice protein can reduce glycemic index.

2. Nutritional support for a healthy blood pressure.

3. Rice protein has high fiber content.

4. Benefits during exercise equivalent to whey protein.


Storage conditions placed in a cool dry, dark, avoid high temperature Department


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