Tongkat Ali Extract

Tongkat Ali Extract

Product Name:Tongkat AliExtract
Botanical Name: Eurycoma longifoli Jack
Part Used:Root
Extract ratio:100:1
Appearance:Fine brown powder


Product Details

【Product Name】Tongkat Ali Extract

Botanical NameEurycoma longifoli Jack

Part UsedRoot

Extract ratio100:1

AppearanceFine brown powder

Description Of Tongkat Ali Extract

Tongkat Ali is grown in Southeast Asia near the equator virgin rainforest in moist sandy soil of a wild shrubs, maturity is generally more than 5 years. Tongkat Ali whole tree is a rare grass undergraduate wild herbs with high medicinal value, especially the roots. Its magic has a long history in the country in Southeast Asia as a traditional folk medicine and tonic for hundreds of years, both as a single herb can also be an important prescription for dispensing.

Function Of Tongkat Ali Extract

1.Promoting the body's own testosterone production and the growth of the musle.

2.Promoting physical fitness and control, maintaining strong energy, reducing stress and anxiety, relieve depression;

3.Improving the human sexual function and rapid recovery of strength.

4.Enhancing human fertility and improving male sperm production, improving spermactivity.

5.Repairing and nourishing human gonads and reproductive system.

Application Of Tongkat Ali Extract

1. Pharmaceutical industry

tongkat ali extract gnc can be used as pharmaceutical raw materials, often in potions, creams, tablets and capsules.

2. Food industry

tongkat ali extract gnc can be used as a food additive, often used in food and beverages.

3. Health care products

tongkat ali extract gnc is often used for making health care products for men and women.  


【Storage】Store in tight, light-resistant containers, avoid exposure to direct sunlight, moisture and excessive heat.


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