Burdock Root P.E.

Burdock Root P.E.

Product Name:Burdock Root P.E.
Latin name:Arcium lappa L.
Appearance:Brown-yellow powder


Product NameBurdock Root P.E.

Latin nameArcium lappa L.

AppearanceBrown-yellow powder

Description Of  Burdock Root P.E.

Burdock Root Extract Powder is a diuretic or soothe aching joints. Traditional Chinese healers used burdock root in combination with other plants to make cures for colds, throat pain, measles, and tonsillitis. In Japan, Burdock Root Extract Powder was a source of vitamins and other nutrients. In modern times, Burdock Root Extract Powder has been employed in the treatment of certain cancers.

Function Of  Burdock Root P.E.

1. Promoting bowel movements, lowering cholesterol, reducing toxins and wasting accumulation in the body, preventing and treating functional constipation.

2. Burdock contains antibacterial ingredients, the main anti-staphylococcus aureus.

3. Burdock contains inulin, the water extract significantly reduced blood glucose in long time, increased the amount of carbohydrate tolerance

4. Treatment of hot cold, measles and rubella and throat pharynx aches Product detail information.

5. Anti-nephritis activity, it has effective treatment of acute nephritis and chronic glomerulonephritis.

Application Of  Burdock Root P.E.

1. Applied in the food field, it has become a new raw material which used in food and beverage industry;

2. Applied in the health product field;

3. Applied in the pharmaceutical field.

StorageStored in sealed containers at cool & dry place. Protect from light, moisture and high temperature.


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