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Red Raspberry Fruit Juice Powder

Red Raspberry Fruit Juice Powder

Red Raspberry Fruit Juice Powder can preventing and curing the cardiovascular diseases,preventing and curing the heart disease, reduce the cholesterol in the blood,preventing and curing the diabetes,effect to cure the colon cancer, cervical cancer, breast cancer and pancreas cancer.



Product Details

【Product name】 Red Raspberry Fruit Juice Powder

【Latin name】 Fructus Rubi

【Appearance】 Light red fine powder

【Production process】Spray-dried

【Type】100% Natural

Raspberry Extract manufacturer2


Red raspberry is usually called tray or mountain berry. Sometimes people call it Malinguo. Red raspberry also gets its name Fupenzi in Chinese medicine.Red raspberry has grown in many parts of the world from Western Europe to the United States as well as China for hundreds of years.

Item of AnalysisSpecificationResultsTest Methods
AppearanceLight purple red powderCompliesVisual
Odor & TasteCharacteristicCharacteristicOrganoleptic
Mesh100% pass 80 meshCompliesAnalytical sieving || USP
Loss on drying≤5%3.27%USP <731>
Ash≤5%2.78%USP <561>
Bulk Density40-60g/100ml51.0/100mlUSP <616> Method I
Total heavy metals≤10 ppmCompliesUSP <231> Method II
Lead (Pb)≤2.0 ppmCompliesICP-MS
Arsenic (As)≤1.0 ppmCompliesICP-MS
Mercury(Hg)≤1.0 ppmCompliesICP-MS
Cadmium(Cd)≤0.5 ppmCompliesICP-MS
Total Plate Count<1,000cfu/gCompliesUSP<61>
Yeast & Mold<1,00cfu/gCompliesUSP<61>
Staphylococcus aureusNegative/10gCompliesUSP<61>
Salmonella Negative/10gCompliesUSP<61>


Package 25kg/drum. Packed in fiber-paper drum with aluminum bags inside.

Storage Store in cool and dry place and avoid light and heat.

Raspberry Extract manufacturer

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