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Nutritional Higher Organic Alfalfa Grass Powder
Jan 31, 2018

Medicago sativa, whole plant alfalfa legumes, summer, autumn harvest. According to different processing technology, different specifications of alfalfa products can be produced, for example, alfalfa seedling powder, alfalfa juice powder, alfalfa extract and the like. Today, with the improvement of people's living standards and the strong control over the quality of products in various countries, organic alfalfa seedlings have been invited to the market.

Organic alfalfa seedling powder to their own unique advantages for themselves occupy a sky. Rich in nutrients and effective chemical composition makes her can be widely used in beverages, food, health products and so on.

Existing research shows that alfalfa has anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidation, lower cholesterol, hypoglycemic effect, but little research on the analgesic effect of alfalfa. According to the latest research, alfalfa obviously inhibited the pain caused by acetic acid, and also significantly prolonged the response latency to the pain caused by heat stimulation. The analgesic effect of alfalfa can make us easily face the sudden pain. And its role in a short time efficacy, long duration of action, can effectively control the pain. In today's fast-paced life, everyone encounters all kinds of pain every day, and alfalfa may be the best choice if you want to get rid of pain easily.

However, the organic alfalfa powder manufacturer is varied and different, we have to choose the most reliable organic alfalfa powder suppliers according to ours actual needs.

Maxsun's current organic alfalfa seedling powder is processed through special processes such as selection, blanching lake, automatic centrifugation to float, low temperature drying and airflow crushing. Blanching blanching, automatic centrifugation to float, low temperature drying can be both Can make the product have attractive color but also effectively reduce the loss of its active ingredients and nutrients; airflow smash the use of materials collide with each other, effectively avoiding the friction between the material and the machine to reduce foreign contamination of the machine itself; while reducing Material and air contact, effectively reduce the pollution rate of microorganisms; you can also harvest the uniform size of Powder. 


Maxsun’s organic production lines were certified by the USDA Organic.Maxsun strictly controls the various indicators, according to customers' needs, produces high quality organic Alfalfa powder.

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