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New Trends In Health Product Development: Raw Materials For Fruits And Vegetables. (2)
Dec 20, 2018

Fruit and vegetable beverage market is developing rapidly


Natural and low-sugar fruit & vegetable beverages are experiencing rapid growth as consumer demand for healthy beverages increases. First of all, fruit and vegetable raw materials can be used as a hypoglycemic solution in beverage products. For example, Starbucks brand Evolution Fresh is made from coconut water as a base and mixed with other fruits.Without added sugar, coconut water is used as a natural source of sweetness and flavor. Of course, some vegetable drinks also have a higher sugar content because many vegetables.

Vegetable-based products add more or less sugar to improve the taste of the product.

Not only in the United States, but also in Europe, the demand for vegetables and fruits is increasing. Every year, European mainstream food exhibitions such as HIE, FIE, etc., most of the food products exhibited by the participating companies are around “fruit, grain”.

The products and vegetables are unfolded, but the products are quite creative. The factors such as snack health functionalization, food facilitation and continuous innovation of dehydration technology, etc.

Both are promoting the development of fruit and vegetable snack products. According to market data of Innova Market Insights, meat snacks released in 2017 accounted for 6% of new global snacks; between 2013 and 2017, snacks in the form of fruits and vegetables,the number of products is growing at an average rate of 13% per year.

With core competencies of high quality product and flexible customer approach,As a global supplier of raw material to the beverage, supplement and food industries,Maxsun has established a strong position within the dynamic market for ingredients, especially for fruit powder and vegetable powder.

Maxsun’s mission is to create strategic partnerships with our clients and provide them with distinct competitive advantages by delivering innovative, high quality and competitive product solutions. 

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