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New Trends In Health Product Development: Raw Materials For Fruits And Vegetables. (1)
Dec 19, 2018

The plant-based diet has become one of the healthy diets favored by consumers around the world and has become a trend in the non-food and food & beverage industry. Fruits and vegetables are becoming a trend in new product development.Mainly driven by health factors. As consumers become more aware of their health and the increase in consumption of meat, sugar, emulsifiers and artificial flavors, the trend of plant-based diets has also been strengthened, while natural health products based on fruits and vegetables are in the process of being the stage of rapid development.


Fruit and vegetable powder is prepared by using juice, jam of fruits and vegetables to form powder or granules after dehydration, and retaining all or part of the taste, fiber, color and nutrition of fruits and vegetables, which has become the main ingredient in the development of natural products.

The fruit and vegetable powder products have the characteristics of bright color, good taste, instant dissolution and easy storage, and can be widely used in various terminal product development. In particular, the demand for functional fruit and vegetable powder ingredients continues to increase, such as cranberry powder, acerola powder, seabuckthorn powder, pomegranate powder and so on.

The demand for fruit and vegetable powder in the European and American markets is larger than that in China. The current production techniques commonly used in the fruit and vegetable powder industry include: spray drying, freeze drying, drum drying and hot air drying. There are also differences in the selection of different raw materials and product uses. At present, the fruit and vegetable powder processing industry as a new type of processing method with the upgrading of modern food, the future market application and demand will continue to increase.

As a healthy snack, fruit and vegetable products have become the focus of the market, and many giant companies are eyeing the niche market where no one cares. At the end of May 2018, Pepsi announced the acquisition of Bare Foods, a well-known American fruit and vegetable production brand.

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