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Maxsun Industries Fruit Juice Powder
Feb 28, 2018

With the change of people's concept of consumption and health, people's demand for food tends to be more high-quality, nutritious, functional, low-sugar, low-fat and low-calorie on the basis of flavor. Fruit juice powder to maintain the original nutritional value based on the food products to improve the color, smell, taste and nutritional structure, but also to meet the daily life of the fruit powder functionalization, convenience needs, rich nutrition and effective chemical Ingredients make it she can be widely used in beverages, food, health products and so on.


Maxsun Industries fruit juice powder full advantage of the skin, kernel and seeds of fruits and vegetables to achieve full utilization, which improves the physical properties such as dispersibility, water solubility and adsorption of fruit powder. Due to the large number of application of fruit juice powder, fruit powder processing technology has been greatly improved. First of all: the choice of raw materials, to ensure the quality of the finished product and the indicators of the eligibility must be selected without pests and diseases, low pesticide residues, no spoilage of raw materials; secondly: cleaning, to remove the surface of raw materials, dust, impurities, Cleaning, can effectively reduce the various indicators; In addition, the extraction and drying is also a very crucial step in the process of extracting juice, using a special process for color protection, retain the original color of raw materials, drying to low temperature drying Etc., to ensure the mobility of fruit powder, to prevent the loss of nutrients and so on.


Maxsun Industries offers wholesale bulk fruit juice powder, you can contact 909-465-1900 or for a free quote.

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