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Feed Additive - L Valine
Jan 07, 2019

L-valine is one of the aliphatic amino acids in the twenty protein amino acids. Proline is one of the branched chain amino acids (BCAA). The animal itself cannot be synthesized and must be ingested from the diet to meet its nutritional needs and is therefore an essential amino acid. Mainly have the following effects:

1. The addition of proline to the diet of lactating sows can increase the amount of lactation. Its mechanism of action is that proline can affect the production of alanine and release from muscle. The addition of proline to the sow diet can increase the alanine in the plasma to adapt to the demand for glucose raw materials in the breast tissue. Increase milk production.

2. Improve the immune function of animal organisms. Proline can promote the transformation of animal bone T cells into mature T cells. Proline deficiency can reduce the levels of complement C3 and transferrin, which can significantly impede the growth of thymus and peripheral lymphoid tissues and inhibit the growth of acidic and neutrophils. Chicks lack proline and have reduced antibody responses to Newcastle disease virus.

3. Affect the endocrine level of animals. Studies have shown that the addition of proline to the diets of lactating sows and lactating rats increases the concentration of prolactin and growth hormone in plasma.

Reference dosage:

    The ratio of proline to lysine in the lactating sow feed is 1:1 or the daily supplementation of proline 37g-67g.

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