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Cranberry Anthocyanins Eye Protection
Mar 07, 2018

Eyes are the windows of the soul. Everyone knows how important the eyes are to us, but as we grow older, our eyes can become older, with macular degeneration, "mosquito" and cataracts. How can we avoid this? Or alleviate these symptoms? We all know blueberries, lutein and other eye protection, but do not know cranberry eye also has the same function, cranberry in the anthocyanins can effectively reduce the above symptoms, protect our eyes, let us have A pair of healthy bright eyes.

Cranberry and blueberry same family, belong to the same species. Cranberry is rich in anthocyanins, anthocyanins are flavonoids, has a strong antioxidant capacity, in the face of free radicals, you can give an electron, so that free radicals become stable, and neither Will produce hazardous substances. In addition, cranberry anthocyanins can rapidly penetrate into the bloodstream through the capillaries, protect the capillaries by inhibiting capillary permeability, prevent lipid peroxidation of the capillaries, and repair capillary damage, thereby restoring the retina and lens Physiological characteristics. Moreover, cranberry anthocyanins activate rhodopsin and promote rhodopsin re-synthesis of the amount of the eye to expand the field of vision of the dark environment, the weak light dark image response sensitive.

Because of its unique molecular structure, its quick access to the blood and the ability to promote photoreceptors, Cranberry can effectively reduce the symptoms of macular degeneration, "floaters" and cataracts, as well as our beautiful and fresh world.

Maxsun Industries cranberry fruit juice powder through a special process, good quality control of production and processing, good taste, good quality, can be applied to various fields.

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