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Application Of Maxsun Garlic Extract
Oct 23, 2018

In 1944, the American chemist Cabaret and others conducted a spectrum analysis. Using a new technology at that time, it was found to contain an odorless and odorless sulfide in the tissues of the garlic that had not been damaged. But when the garlic is cut or damaged, another compound is produced. This compound, named allicin, has a unique pungent odor and super bactericidal ability, and is also prone to chemical changes, chemists The compound was successfully extracted. Affected by the results of this research, the Swiss Nobel laureate chemists Stru and Zeebeck discovered in 1951 an allicin-producing amino acid alliin and the ability to convert alliin into garlic. Vegetarian alliinase. Originally found in raw garlic is the odorless alliin and the alliinase used to break down alliin, which are separated by thin cell membranes. However, after the raw garlic was damaged, the cell membrane ruptured, and the two substances reacted together to form a chemical reaction. The alliin was decomposed by alliinase to form allicin, a compound with a special odor.

Main ingredient

1. Sulfur-containing compound

Alliin and cyoloallin have antibacterial, anti-hepatotoxicity and anti-aging effects. They have enhanced plasminogen activity without stable odor and are suitable for clinical application.

2. Garlic volatile oil (also known as garlic essential oil) is about 0.2%. It consists of more than 20 kinds of thioether compounds. Lillyin is the main component of volatile oil. It has strong antibacterial activity, but its chemical properties are unstable. Garlicin (llitricli) accounts for about 40% of garlic oil. It is stable in nature and can be synthesized.

3. Allicin: very unstable in nature, placed in or affected by external conditions, quickly decomposed into disulfide and trisulfide of allicin and allyl methyl, allicin is an important component with a wide range of pharmacological effects. Promote energy production, increase antibacterial and antiviral capabilities, speed up metabolism, and relieve fatigue.

garlic extract application

Main effect 

1. Antibacterial broad-spectrum, strong antibacterial.

2. Seasoning and attracting food to improve feed quality. It has a strong and pure smell of garlic and can replace other fragrances in the feed. It can improve the odor of feed, stimulate the fish, livestock and poultry to produce a strong attracting effect, so that the appetite is greatly increased, and the feed intake is increased. 

3. Enhance immunity and promote healthy growth of livestock and poultry.

4. Improve animal quality, add appropriate amount of allicin in the feed, can effectively regulate the formation of stimulating amino acids in the meat, increase the flavor of animal meat or eggs, so that the flavor of animal meat or eggs is more delicious.

5. Reduce detoxification, anti-mildew and fresh. The addition of allicin to the feed can have the functions of clearing the temperature, detoxifying, promoting blood circulation and removing stasis, and can significantly reduce the toxicity of harmful substances such as mercury, cyanide and nitrous acid in the feed. 

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