Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6

Product Name:Vitamin B6
Synonyms:Pyridoxine Hydrochloride; Pyridoxol Hydrochloride; Pyridoxine HCl; Pyridoxal; Pyridoxamine.
Molecular Formula:C8H11NO3.HCL
Molecular Weight:205.64
Appearance:White crystalline or crystalline powder


Product Details

Product NameVitamin B6

SynonymsPyridoxine Hydrochloride; Pyridoxol Hydrochloride; Pyridoxine HCl; Pyridoxal; Pyridoxamine.

Molecular FormulaC8H11NO3.HCL

Molecular Weight205.64

AppearanceWhite crystalline or crystalline powder


Description Of Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is the term for three related compounds, pyridoxine, pyridoxal and pyridoxamine and their phosphorylated derivatives which are pyridoxine 5'-phosphate, pyridoxal 5'-phosphate and pyridoxamine 5'-phosphate.

Vitamin B6 plays an essential role in the interaction of amino acid, carbohydrate and fatty acid metabolism in the energy-producing TCA cycle. Over 60 enzymes are already known to depend on vitamin B6 coenzymes.


 Function Of Vitamin B6

1. Treatment of congenital hypofunction of metabolism;

2. Prevent and treat vitamin B6 deficiency;

3. Supplement to patients who need to consume more vitamin B6.


Application Of Vitamin B6

1. One of the indispensable ingredients of mixed feed, promotes growth and development of immature Animals;

2. Additive of food and beverage, reinforces nutrition;

3. Additive of cosmetics, promotes growth of hair and protects the skin;

4. Culture medium of plants, promotes growth of plants.



StorageStore in tight, light-resistant containers, avoid exposure to direct sunlight, moisture and excessive heat.


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