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Vitamin B1

Vitamin B1

Vitamin B1 is a watersoluble vitamin. It is produced by various plants, bacteria, and types of fungus,which is discussed in more detail later on this site. Lesser levels of deficiency can also produce various symptoms.



Product Details

Product NameVitamin B1-Thiamnie HCL

Molecular FormulaC12H16N4OS(·HCl

Molecular Weight300.81

AppearanceWhite crystalline powder


Description Of Vitamin B1

Vitamin b1 is also called thiamine or fight neuritis vitamins or resistance beriberi, white crystal, the presence of oxidants easily by oxidative dehydrogenation thiamine, which appear blue fluorescence under uv irradiation.By the pyrimidine ring and based on the combination of the methyl thiazole ring a B vitamin.

1.To promote growth, help digestion, especially in carbohydrate digestion.

Function And Application Of Vitamin B1

2.To improve mental health, maintain nerve tissue, muscle, normal heart activity.

3.Relieve motion sickness, can ease the pain related to dental surgery.

4.Contribute to the band Like herpes (herpes zoster) treatment.



StorageStore in tight, light-resistant containers, avoid exposure to direct sunlight, moisture and excessive heat.



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