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Stevia Sweetener

Stevia Sweetener

As a new natural sweetener, stevioside is widely used in many applications, such as food, beverage, pharmaceutical, household cosmetics. Broadly speaking, stevioside can replace part of sucrose or all of saccharin in products with traditional sweeteners.



【Product Name】stevia sweetener         

【Specification】stevia 90%, stevia 95%

【Appearance】 White crystalline



1.Pure natural Plant extract

2.Low calorie1/300 of the sugar

3.High sweetness250~450 of the sugar

4.High cost performanceThe cost is 3/1 of sugar

5.Good stabilityCan stand the heat, acid, alkali, not easy to decompose

6.Excellent solubilityEasily soluble in water, ethanol and other organic solvents

7.High securityInternational authoritative testing, pharmacological experiments, non-toxic side effects

8.Long shelf lifeBacteriostatic, stable performance, easy to store.

【Storage】 Store in sealed containers at cool & dry place. Protect from light, moisture and pest infestation




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