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Eu Nop Certified D-Aspartic Acid For Sale

Eu Nop Certified D-Aspartic Acid For Sale

D-aspartic acid (D-aspartate, DAA) is a non-essential amino acid with an acidic side chain. Excluding glycine, every amino acid used in synthesizing proteins has a “D” and “L” form. L forms and D forms of the same amino acids are identical in every way except for the manner in which they bend light rays.



【Product Name】D-Aspartic Acid

【CAS No.】1783-96-6

【Molecular formula】C4H7NO4

【Molecular weight】133.10

【Appearance】Off-white powder

d-aspartic-acid powder

Description Of D-Aspartic Acid

D-Aspartic Acid is a kind of alfa amino acid. Aspartic acid is widespread in the biosynthesis of role. For mammal D-aspartic acid is nonessential,because it can be made from oxaloacetic acid by transamination. For plants and microorganisms D-aspartic acid is the raw material of several kinds of amino acids,like methionine, threonine, isoleucine and lysine.

IdentificationIR & NMR spectrumIR & NMR spectrum
Assay(HPLC)98.0% min99.20%
Loss On Drying0.5%max0.10%
Residue on ignition0.50% max0.20%
Heavy Metals(As Pb)10ppm maxComplies
Arsenic2ppm maxComplies
Total Plate Count1000cfu/gmComplies


1. D-aspartic acid is widely used on medicine, food and chemical industry.

2. It can be used on the treatment of heart disease, liver disease and hypertension.It has the function of preventing and recorving fatigue. It can be made of amino acid infusion to do as ammonia antidote, liver function promoter and fatigue recovery agent.

3. It is a good nutrition supplements that can be added in soft drinks. It is also the raw material of radix asparagi acyl methyl phenylalanine which is we know as Aspartame.


【Storage】Store in tight, light-resistant containers, avoid exposure to direct sunlight, moisture and excessive heat.



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