Glucosamine Hcl

Glucosamine Hcl

CAS No.:66-84-2
Molecular Formula:C6H13NO5HCl
Molecular Weight:215.5
Appearance:White Crystalline, Free Flowing Powder


Product Details

【Product Name】Glucosamine Hcl

AppearanceWhite Crystalline, Free Flowing Powder

CAS No.66-84-2

Molecular FormulaC6H13NO5HCl

Molecular weight215.5

Description Of Glucosamine Hcl

Glucosamine is a dietary supplement which is made from sHcllfish or prepared in the laboratory. It comes in two forms, glucosamine sulphate and glucosamine hydrochloride. It’s also known as Glucose-6-phosphate, GS, amino monosaccharide, sulfated monosaccharide, Chitosamine and D-glucosamine.

Function Of Glucosamine Hcl

1. It is a kind of orginic high temperature synthesis solvent, raw material,food addictive and medicine in industry;

2. It is the necessay ingredient for the creat of collagen.It is the main medicine for the balance of the sulfur element for people;

3. It also can eliminate the virus,strengthen blood circulation,softening organization,alleviate the pain,can strong gluten, calm, strengthen bones spiritual strength;

4. It maintains the skin hairdressing cosmetic. Still can treat arthritis,oral ulcer asthma, constipation, lose the blood vessels, remove mold in gastrointestinal candida toxins.


Storage Store in cool & dry place,Do not freeze. Keep away from strong light and heat.


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