In recent years, the role of inositol in lowering blood sugar has been on the rise.D-pinitol is a kind of methylated ramifications of D-chiro-inositol,It has an insulin-like action and can reduce the regulation of blood sugar balance and alleviate insulin resistance.


Product Details

【Product Name】D-Pinitol

【CAS No.】10284-63-6

【Molecular Formula】C7H14O6

【Molecular Weight】194.18

【Appearance】White Powder

Description Of D-Pinitol

D-pinitol is a kind of methylated ramifications of D-chiro-inositol, and there are a wide range of plant sources in nature. In recent years, many research reports suggest that D-pinitol is an active substance with physiological activities including insulin sensitization, hypoglycemia, antitumor, immune regulation, anti inflammatory, etc. Therefore, D- pinitol can be applied to medicine , health food raw materials and dietary supplerments. In addition, the application of D-pinitol as a source of plant fungicide in agriculural production has been gradually promoted. And the broad applications of D-pinitol leads to a good development prospect. At present,the preparation methods of D-pinitol was either from natural plants or chemical synthesis, the former method is more commonly used.


Function Of D-Pinitol

1. Stimulating insulin

2. Lower blood sugar

3. Promote the absorption of creatine

4. Regulate immunity

5.Promote sugar metabolism


Application Of D-Pinitol

Medecine ,health food raw materials and dietary supplerments

Storage & Packaging

【Storage】 Store in sealed containers at cool & dry place. Protect from light, moisture and pest infestation


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