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Why is ganoderma spore powder better after breaking the wall?
Nov 20, 2018

At present, ganoderma spore powder in the health market has broken walls and unbroken walls, and the price of ganoderma spore powder after breaking walls will be more expensive. In general, the more expensive the price, the better the quality of the product. For the common Ganoderma Spore powder, this concept is also correct. The broken wall ganoderma Spore powder is indeed much better than the unbroken ganoderma lucidum, so why is the broken wall ganoderma Spore powder better?

 Under normal circumstances, it is a seed that erupts in the tube of Ganoderma lucidum after it has matured. Although it is good for human, due to the existence of a unique double-layer plant chitin outer wall structure, the human stomach acid It is difficult to dissolve these two outer walls. Therefore, the absorption rate of the human body is extremely low, and the efficacy and effect of Ganoderma lucidum Spore powder are difficult to exert, and taking  it for a long time will also cause gastrointestinal irritation.

ganoderma spore powder

The appearance of broken wall technology solved this problem. The broken wall Ganoderma  Spore powder destroyed the double wall through certain technical means, so that the effective ingredients were exposed, and the human body was safe and effective after taking it. However, this processing requires professional manufacturers and professional technology to deal with it, so the ganoderma Spore powder after breaking the wall is better, but the price will also be more expensive.

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