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What is the role and application of L- tryptophan?
Dec 28, 2018

The chemical name for tryptophan is α-amino-β-propionic acid, which has three isomers: L-form, D-form and racemic DL. In 1825, tryptophan was first discovered in 1902 and was first isolated from casein by Hokinst. White crystal or yellowish flaky crystal or powder, odorless right-handed body or special sweet taste, soluble in water or hot ethanol, insoluble in chloroform, ether, stable in dilute acid or dilute alkali.

Heating with water produces a small amount of hydrazine, which is decomposed to produce a large amount of hydrazine when heated in the presence of NaOH or CuSO4. If heated rapidly to 210 °C, the color will turn yellow, and at 290 °C, the decomposition reaction will occur, and the coloring reaction will occur when exposed to light for a long time. L-tryptophan is one of the eight essential amino acids essential for humans and animals and cannot be synthesized by itself. Therefore, humans and animals can only ingest L-tryptophan through food.

D-tryptophan is mainly found in plants and microorganisms, has very little content in animals, and has little or no metabolism in humans. L-tryptophan, also known as the second essential amino acid, is currently widely used in medicine, food, feed additives and agricultural environmental testing industries. At present, the importance of L-tryptophan has received more and more attention. And now the application of L-tryptophan is not only limited to the traditional pharmaceutical, food, feed additive industry, but also gradually more applications in some new areas.

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