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The magical effect of theanine (1).
Mar 11, 2019

Tea can supplement a variety of amino acids in the human body, especially theanine, which is abundant in tea soup. The various free amino acids in the tea soup enter the human body through drinking tea, and are used as amino acids in the human metabolism library, and the amino acid most related to the health care function of the tea is theanine. Numerous studies have shown that theanine has a good health care effect in terms of neuroprotection, sedation, regulation of mood, improvement of cognitive ability and anti-tumor. Do you know the health benefits of theanine?

1. Sedation function

Tea contains more caffeine with refreshing stimulating effects, but people feel calm and relaxed when drinking tea, rather than being as excited as drinking coffee. In addition to the complexation of caffeine with other substances to make it slow, this is mainly the sedative effect of theanine. Studies have shown that theanine has an antagonistic effect on caffeine excitability. When the amount of theanine is up to 1740 mg/kg, it can significantly inhibit the nervous system excitement caused by caffeine.

Human and animal cerebral cortex will produce very weak brain waves. Usually, brain waves will generate different frequencies according to the mental state. According to their frequencies, they can be divided into four types: α, β, δ, and θ, which represent different waveforms. status. When the alpha wave is the dominant brain wave, the human body and mind energy consumption is the least, the relative brain energy is higher, the body feels relaxed, and the consciousness is clear, so the generation of the alpha wave is a sign that the human body produces a comfortable and pleasant feeling.

The effect of theanine on the body's mental relaxation can be explained by changes in the alpha wave in the human brain. The experimenter in the closed loop (room temperature 25 ° C, illuminance 40 Lux), drinking 100 ml of water or different concentrations of L-theanine aqueous solution (50mg / 100ml, 200mg / 100ml), record changes in brain waves within 60 minutes.


The amount of alpha wave in brain waves after consumption of L-theanine

2. Affect the changes of nerve-transmitting substances in the brain

Japanese scholar Yokotsu (1997) and others in the experiment with rats as the research object, the results prove that L-theanine is absorbed by the intestine and transmitted to the liver and brain through the blood. The L-theanine absorbed by the brain can be The brain gland significantly increases the production of dopamine, a neurotransmitter in the brain.

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