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The effect of valerian on sleep (2).
Feb 21, 2019

How does valerian extract affect sleep?

Mariel Mardera isolated 6-methyl apigenin (MA) and 2S-hesperidin (HN) from Valeriana wallichii, which proved to be a binding site for benzodiazepines (BDZ-bs), in crude drug The medium content is 0.0013% to 0.013%, which is a competitive ligand for GABA receptors in the brain. In turn, MA was found to have anti-anxiety properties and was able to enhance the sleep enhancing properties of hesperidin (HN). It was found that MA and HN are members of the natural flavonoid family and have the effect of inhibiting the central nervous system.



The combination of 6-methyl apigenin (MA) and 2S-hesperidin (HN) significantly increased sleep time in mice.

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