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Professional aspartic acid supplier -Maxsun Industries
Jan 02, 2019

D-aspartic acid, also known as aspartic acid, is an alpha-amino acid. The L-isomer of aspartic acid is one of the 20 amino acids of the protein, the structural unit of the protein. Its codons are GAU and GAC. It is an acidic amino acid with glutamic acid. Aspartic acid is ubiquitous in biosynthesis.


Aspartic acid is dissolved in hot water, slightly soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol, and easily soluble in dilute hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide solution. L-aspartic acid is one of the acidic amino acids, which is a non-essential amino acid. It is obtained by transaminating glutamic acid to oxaloacetate in vivo, and decomposing to form oxaloacetate or aspartase by deamination. Deamination produces a butanedioic CTA cycle. It is a synthetic precursor of amino acids such as lysine, threonine, isoleucine and methionine in the living body and purine and pyrimidine bases. It can be used as a carrier of K+ and Mg+ ions to transport electrolytes to the myocardium, thereby improving myocardial contractile function, reducing oxygen consumption, and protecting the myocardium in the absence of oxygen in coronary circulatory disorders. It is involved in the ornithine cycle, promotes the production of urea by oxygen and carbon dioxide, reduces the amount of nitrogen and carbon dioxide in the blood, enhances liver function, and eliminates fatigue.

Aspartic acid supplier

Aspartic acid has a wide range of uses in medicine, food and chemicals.

In medicine, it can be used to treat heart disease, liver disease, hypertension, prevent and restore fatigue, and a variety of amino acids, made into amino acid infusion, used as ammonia detoxification agent, liver function enhancer, fatigue recovery Agent.

In the food industry, it is a good nutritional supplement, added to a variety of refreshing beverages; it is also the main raw material of sweetener (aspartame)-aspartame.

It can be used as a raw material in the chemical industry for the manufacture of synthetic resins. Can also be used as a nutritional additive for cosmetics, etc.

Where To Buy  D-aspartic acid ?

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