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Pharmacological action of tribulus terrestris!
Mar 15, 2019

Tribulus terrestris  have long been used by urologists to improve male sexual dysfunction. Because this herb can effectively improve the blood flow of the blood cavity of the penis sponge, and achieve a strong erection. According to a study by the National Institute of Medicine in Singapore, hedgehogs have a rapidly increasing star rating of testosterone in the body to improve erectile function.

In recent years, sports health nutrition products with the main component of the tribulus terrestris extract are very popular in the European and American markets, and are favored by many sports athletes and bodybuilders. It is a perennial vine plant that grows in China, India, Eastern Europe, Africa and other places. 5000 years ago, our ancestors discovered that it had an aphrodisiac effect, used it to treat impotence, and included prescriptions for aphrodisiac. Tribulus terrestris is also used as a hemostatic drug, treatment of urolithiasis, diuretics, treatment of inflammation and arthritis. In recent years, studies have found that it can stimulate the secretion of luteinizing hormone in the pituitary gland, thereby promoting the secretion of testosterone, increasing the level of blood testosterone, increasing muscle strength, and promoting the recovery of physical strength.


Clinical studies have shown that tribulus terrestris  can increase the number of sperm and improve the vitality of sperm, enhance sexual desire and sexual ability, increase the frequency and hardness of erection, accelerate the recovery of sexual ability after sex, and improve men's reproductive ability. Tribulus terrestris  can also increase the concentration of estradiol in women, and at the same time has little effect on the secretion of testosterone, and promote ovulation, thus improving women's reproductive function.

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