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Can stevia really treat diabetes?
Feb 01, 2018

Stevia is a perennial herb commonly known to the general public. It is also a perennial herb commonly found at the junction of Paraguay and Brazil in South America. The leaves of stevia contain a sweet substance called “stevioside”, and the refined stevia is a colorless and odorless crystal. Its sweetness is 200 times that of sugar. Stevia  leaf contain Daisy glycoside 6-12%, Boutique is white powder, it is a kind of low quantity of heat, high sweetness natural sweetener, is a food and drug industry one of the raw material.


As a non-caloric alternative to sugar, stevia extract is very popular, and this plant-derived sweetener is also believed to have a positive effect on blood sugar levels.

Researchers from the UK and Belgium found that stevia extract can activate a protein called TRPM5, which is associated with taste. This protein also plays a certain role in the insulin secretion after eating. It has a certain effect and effect of lowering blood pressure. Its mechanism of action is similar to the calcium ion blocker of western medicine, but it does not affect the patient's blood sugar, uric acid and Blood lipids, hypertensive patients can usually brew stevia tea as a blood pressure-reducing health drink.

Experts explained: "Our experiments have confirmed that the active ingredients in the stevia extract: stevioside and steviol activate the activity of the ion channel TRPM5. These proteins called ion channels are a tiny class of channels. Through this channel, small charged particles can enter and exit the cell. These ion channels are responsible for many processes in the body."As a stevia active ingredient that activates TRPM5, steviol makes this taste perception stronger. This explains that stevia has too much sweetness and a bitter aftertaste. ”

TRPM5 also ensures that beta cells in the pancreas release enough insulin (eg after a meal). Therefore, it helps prevent abnormally high blood sugar levels and type 2 diabetes.


Although, the taste of stevia is slightly sweet, it does not contain sugar, so the answer to whether it can be used to treat diabetes is very positive. This Chinese herbal medicine not only can effectively treat diabetes, but also has the benefits of lowering blood fat and quenching thirst. If diabetics eat it, it can help them reduce their blood sugar levels. In addition, it can effectively promote the circulation speed of people's blood. Even if it tastes sweeter, it has obvious benefits for treating diabetes.

Moreover, this kind of Chinese herbal medicine can not only be eaten directly, but also can be used for tea drinking. It is recommended that you can dry it in your usual life and then drink it to keep your body in a healthy state.

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