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Burdock root is actually a blood purification weapon!
Mar 07, 2018

Burdock, also known as: evil, vigorous, East American ginseng, also known as Toyo Bullwhip. More than a thousand years ago, Japan introduced and improved food from China. When Japan occupied Taiwan, it asked local farmers to plant it in Tainan. The main reason is that Tainan has the pine sand soil of Zengwen River, the Tropic of Cancer and the famous Alishan Yanmai. It has become a unique and precious place for its local burdock. It has been eaten as a vegetable for many years in Taiwan and is known as the birthplace of burdock.


So, what is its effect?

Burdock has the effects of treating diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood fat, and anti-cancer. It can lower blood sugar, lower blood pressure, blood lipids, treat insomnia, improve human immunity and other effects.

Antibacterial effect: The whole plant of Burdock contains antibacterial ingredients, of which leaves contain the most antibacterial ingredients, mainly resistant to Staphylococcus aureus.

Hypoglycemic effect: The extract of Arctium lappa L. can significantly and permanently reduce blood sugar in rats and increase carbohydrate tolerance.

Anti-aging and scavenging effects of oxygen free radicals: In normal metabolic processes, human life produces a substance that is harmful to the health of the body and promotes cell senescence - oxygen free radicals. They can contribute to the production and accumulation of lipoplaque pigments, age spots. The appearance of senile plaques on the surface indicates that the cells in the body have entered the aging stage. Bovine root contains peroxidase, which can enhance the vitality of cellular immune mechanism, eliminate oxygen free radicals in the body, prevent the formation and accumulation of lipofuscin pigment in the body, resist anti-aging and anti-aging, provide the body with resistance and clear oxygen free The internal environment of the base.

Anticancer effect: Bovine sputum can inhibit the activity of phosphofructosylase in cancer cells, and burdock root has anticancer activity, and burdock scorpion also has anti-senile dementia effect. According to the results of modern scientific research, burdock contains flavonoid terpenoids, which have certain resistance to malignant tumors. The crude extract is selective toxicity, and the lower amount can inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells and make the tumor cells approach normal cells.

In addition, the burdock root is also a blood purifier. As a blood purifier, the burdock root can clean the circulatory system, the lymphatic system, the respiratory system, and the clogging in the urinary system. It can help eliminate excess fluids in the body and promote the discharge of toxic waste, thereby alleviating liver dysfunction and improving digestion. It also purifies the body's bile and detoxifies the kidneys and gallbladder. Burdock can increase perspiration and excrete excess toxins.

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