Royal Jelly Powder

Royal Jelly Powder

Product Name:Royal Jelly Powder
Appearance:Light yellow powder
CAS No.:73-31-4
Molecular Formula:C13H16N2O2


Product Details

【Product Name】Royal Jelly Powder

【Appearance】Light yellow powder

【CAS No.】73-31-4

【Molecular Formula】C13H16N2O2

Description Of  Royal Jelly Powder

Royal Jelly is also called Bee Milk. The fresh royal jelly is slightly ropy milk paste substance; it is the excretive mixture of nutrition gland and maxilla gland of the head of little worker bee. The royal jelly is the biologic product containing very complicated active elements which contains almost all the nutrition elements required by the growth of the human body.

Function Of  Royal Jelly Powder

1.Enhance the immune power

2.Cancer prevention and anticancer


4.Strengthen the brain and promote mentality

5.Promote growth and development

6.Antisepsis and treat inflammation

7.Protection livers

8.Strengthen sexual function

9.Beautifying&moisturizing skin   

10.Royal jelly also has the effects of anti-radiation,improving tissue  regeneration,enhancing.


Storage Store in cool & dry place,Do not freeze. Keep away from strong light and heat.


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